Our Values

Our name Mika derives from a word that encompasses much on what we believe in. In Japanese, Mika means sweet fragrance, in Hebrew, a gift from God, in Native American, it translates into intelligent and in Arabic, a cool, sweet intelligence

True to the essence of Mika, the daycare is run with a firm belief that our children are the greatest gifts from God, therefore strong foundation and good character should be implemented from young age to help them to be independent and honorable individuals in the future.

We at Mika Dayacare understand how difficult it is to juggle work, family and children. This is why our dedicated and qualified team will make you feel confident and at ease that your children will receive the best care possible.

Therefore, our commitment at Mika Daycare is:

  • To provide high quality daycare for the children
  • To assist our children to be curious, adventurous, sociable yet teachable 
  • To inspire our children to become creative and independent thinkers
  • To ensure that the core values are embraced and used in our children’s daily lives
Mika Daycare

Tower A, Ground Floor, unit B
South Quarter  Jl. R. A. Kartini Kav. 8
TB Simatupang, Jakarta Selatan 12430

Mon - Fri  7.30 am - 6 pm
Email. mikadaycare@gmail.com
Phone : 0811 9966 563