Our Story

We had a dream. 

A dream to build a place for children to grow, to make a beautiful second home where they learn to be responsible and independent individuals. A dream to create a ‘prepared’ environment, a creative space, that not only encourages learning, but also inspires good living.

This dream started out of a desire to give the best for the children.This dream took shape and now Mika Daycare is opened. It is a labor of love, centered on the importance of good natured children, healthy living and fun learning that educate the mind as much as the heart.

Therefore, we are pleased to welcome you in Mika Daycare, an urban setting combined with nature and outdoor play. From water play to sand play, from story telling to role playing, children at Mika Daycare are exposed to a healthy daily dose of sunshine and active living where each child is loved, respected and valued.

Mika Daycare

Tower A, Ground Floor, unit B
South Quarter  Jl. R. A. Kartini Kav. 8
TB Simatupang, Jakarta Selatan 12430

Mon - Fri  7.30 am - 6 pm
Email. mikadaycare@gmail.com
Phone : 0811 9966 563