Franchise with Us

Welcome and thank you for your interest in franchising with Mika Daycare & Playgroup! With the development of the daycare scene in the country and the high demand of high quality child care center in major cities, we are pleased to offer you a franchise opportunity with us. This is a great time to join Mika Daycare & Playgroup's family. Our franchisees are our top priority and we have developed a step-by-step process that guides you through this franchising opportunity. From initial interest to gearing up for your center's opening day, this process will ensure that you have the information you need to evaluate the opportunity and at the same time, we also have what we need to confirm whether Mika Daycare & Playgroup is the right fit for you. Below is our comprehensive process and how you can get started today:


PHASE 1: Introduction to Mika Daycare & Playgroup

  1. Speak with our Representative & Visit our Center Set up an appointment with our representative to help you clarify some of thequestions that you have to start your journey into the Early Childhood Education's industry. We want to get to know you and want to ensure that we facilitate your research into our franchise. We also invite you to visit our center where you can have a face-to-face meeting with our founders and the rest of the team. You will also have a comprehensive tour of our facilities and classses. Be ready for an exciting day!

PHASE 2: Due Diligence and Preparing Your Franchise

  1. Receive our Mika Daycare & Playgroup's Introductory Franchise Information 
    After the visit, we will send you the Introductory Franchise information on who we are and what we do to give you a more thorough information on our businesses. At the same time, you will be asked to submit your detailed information in our Franchise Application as part of our franchise requirement's step tp align our vision and values with yours.
  2. Receive a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
    Once your completed Franchise Application is received and reviewed by our team, you will also be sent a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document. After you review it, you will need to sign the FDD as part of our requirements to move forward with the application.
  3. Site Selection Process
    Once you have decided to venture into your partnership with us, you will need to conduct a Site Selection process to identify suitable sites that meet the minimum location approval criteria set by Mika Daycare & Playgroup. As you narrow down the preferred sites, our team will conduct extensive research on the area and market to ensure that the site you selected will give you all the positive elements to build your business. 
  4. Franchise Agreement Signing 
    Once the site is selected and approved, the Franchise Agreement and the accompanying documents are created and sent to you. Once you have carefully read the agreement, you will execute and return it to us along with the franchise fee. Our founders will sign the returned agreement, send you a copy for your files and then it’s official. We will welcome you as the newest member of Mika Daycare & Playgroup's family.

PHASE 3: Gearing up for Opening Day

  1. Recruitment Process
    Together with Mika Daycare & Playgroup's education team, we will provide you with a list of teachers, assistant teachers, Office Managers and care takers for your reference. Based on the number of ratios that you have chosen, we will conduct the recruitment process together with you to ensure that you have the best team to support your passion in bringing high quality child care center in your location.
  2. The Start-up Training class
    Once the team has been confirmed, we will conduct Mika Daycare & Playgroup's Training Sessions that provide training on the center's SOPs, Daycare 101 training, staffing, marketing and the design and construction process.
  3. Design and Construction Process
    As a franchisee, you will begin to work with our operations team to review the steps leading to and following construction. You will be given our Franchise Constructions guidelines as reference for your constructions’ process. We will help you with our guidance. as you coordinate your architects and contractors to get your center up and that our quality standards are met.
  4. Opening Day & Forward
    As a franchisee, we will be in constant contact with you and your team to ensure that your center is running well and up to speed to the requirements of your customers. A monthly and quarterly visits will be conducted to help you and your team to settle in on the operations and program that the center has. Remember that it is important to educate the mind, but never leave out the education of the heart, as our motto has suggested.
Mika Daycare

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